Japan Archives — Carrington Malin

July 2, 2019

The G20 Summit in Osaka ended on a high note for some, with the meeting between the presidents of the two largest economies in the world stealing a lot of the headlines. U.S. President Donald Trump confirmed after the meeting that his government will continue to allow sales of American technology products to Huawei, likely pleasing the likes of Intel and Micron.

If the biggest success of G20 was a reset for China-US trade negotiations, one of the biggest failures was arguably the Osaka Track digital economy declaration to formulate rules on digital governance under the concept of “Data Free Flow with Trust”, but without the support of India (a country that expects to make $350 billion from IT and BPM by 2025).

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June 28, 2019

The G20 Summit kicks off today in Osaka and — with the much publicised US government attack on China’s trade policies, threats of new tariffs and measures already taken against Huawei — technology interests have already been thrust squarely front and centre.

AI, big data, IoT and robotics have quickly risen in the public and political consciousness over the past couple of years and there’s already been much talk from attendees about cooperation, conflict, regulation and policy-making. Innovation is one of the top themes for this G20 meeting.

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