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MARCH 2023

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JULY 2020

Executive Summary – Dubai’s New Drone Law

The Government of Dubai has recently issued a new drone law (Law No. 04 of 2020), outlining new regulations governing commercial drone activity in the emirate. Dubai’s new drone law could allow emirate to leapfrog the global competition and kick-start a whole new industry that is right at the forefront of innovation.

The new Dubai drone law paves the way for Dubai Department of Civil Aviation (DCAA) to implement a ‘Dubai Sky Dome’ initiative, which aims to create a virtual airspace infrastructure and ecosystem for commercial drone use in the emirate. The new law and the Dubai Sky Dome combined could significantly change the commercial environment and the roll-out of the new regulation is bound to be watched closely by policy makers the drone industry worldwide.

For an overview of Dubai’s drone sector, global context, the new law and potential opportunities for the industry, download your free copy of my Executive Summary on Dubai’s new drone law.

Free download: Executive Summary – Dubai’s New Drone Law


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