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I publish a weekly news digest of AI news from around the Middle East (my Asia AI News is currently on hold) and I write an AI + Unmanned Systems Newsletter published monthly by leading defence magazine Armada International. You can subscribe to these newsletters of charge by clicking the subscribe links below.


Middle East AI News

Middle East AI News is a weekly news digest covering artificial intelligence, emerging tech and 4IR news from across the region.


What Middle East AI News subscribers say…

“I’ve enjoyed Middle East AI News since it’s launch. I’m an avid follower of all news related to tech in the region, but nevertheless, I always find something interesting in the newsletter that I did not see elsewhere.”
Khaldoon Tabaza, Founder & Managing Director, iMENA Group, Amman & Dubai

“Your Thursday Middle East AI news roundup is definitely my favourite read via Linkedin.”
Meriem Akremi, Sales & Partnership Manager Middle East, Turkey & Africa at SoftBank Robotics Europe

“I really enjoy Middle East AI News, it’s very well curated. Another reason to enjoy and look forward to Thursdays! I tend to block out an hour in the morning to go through all the news and am always impressed at how much more Carrington is able to catch than my other regular news sources throughout the week. Thank you for the great service.”
Talal Al Kaissi, VP – Strategic Projects & Space Program, Group 42


AI + Unmanned Systems

Armada International’s monthly Artificial Intelligence + Unmanned Systems Newsletter brings the latest news and insights into developments in AI, autonomous systems, big data and other cutting-edge technologies, keeping military and defence industry leaders up-to-date.



Asia AI News

Asia AI News was a daily news digest covering artificial intelligence news across Asia – to include industry updates, geopolitics, AI policy, R&D, startups and funding. Sadly, I had to stop producing this in 2021 due to time pressures.

Asia AI News

What subscribers said about Asia AI News…

“Gotta say, I love the daily news update from Asia AI News. Finally, a decent one focusing on Asia.”
Charles Reed Anderson, IoT and Smart Cities advisor, Singapore

“Love what you’re doing with the Asia AI News daily! I didn’t realise there was so much going on throughout Asia in this space.”
Chas Sweeting, founder of Entrée AI, Seattle, USA

“Very good daily newsletter dedicated to Asia’s rise in AI. Highly recommended!”
Oliver Stelling, communications advisor – APAC & Middle East

“Good and timely initiative.”
George Spark, blockchain strategist, Singapore

“This is really awesome stuff! It’s a great resource for me to get quick info on AI around the region”
Faisal Kawoosa, founder of techARC, India

“AI is the key transformative technology that is changing our world today. From an innovation perspective, Asia is vying to take over the dominant geopolitic position. So it is key to have a reliable source like “Asia AI News” providing us with the big picture and helping us to better understand Asia’s AI journey.”
Manuel Rocamora, global advisor – urban transformation, smart cities & early-stage startup ventures

“As a researcher with a focus on AI-related issues, Carrington’s daily news service has been an incredibly useful resource. I am often surprised by the newsletter’s wide scope and variety of sources. Also, it is organized in a way that helps readers make sense of the bigger picture in the world of AI. This is a resource that I will continue to follow, forward, and recommend to other colleagues who are in the similar line of work.”
Dongwoo Kim, Program Manager – Digital Asia, Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada