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Carrington Malin is an entrepreneur, marketer and consultant focusing on emerging technologies. He helps fast-growing ventures position their brands for success and advise CXOs on communications and marketing strategies for a world that is fast defaulting to AI-first communications.

More about me…

I’m an entrepreneur, communications and marketing professional and consultant and I have been working closely with new technologies, innovation, technology investment and digital initiatives for most of my working life.

As a consultant I help companies, startup ventures and public sector organisations position themselves for success, developing strategies for communications, marketing and digital initiatives, leveraging new technologies. I also write a lot, both for clients and media.

I’ve worked across almost every sector of technology and telecommunications including some of the biggest brands of the past twenty years, such as Cisco, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Motorola, Nortel, Orange and Virgin, to name a few.

My introduction to consulting came after co-founding a technology-focused communications and marketing agency called Spot On, which subsequently became a network partner of a then majority Omnicom-owned global agency Brodeur. Prior to founding the agency, I was the group project manager for the Middle East’s annual technology trade show, GITEX.

How can I help?

I’ve helped dozens of technology leaders build brands in diverse, multi-country markets, establishing brand awareness, demand for products and services, partner networks and thought leadership.

I have a long track record in developing world-class communicatons and marketing strategy for brands who find themselves at the centre of technology disruption and need to define their place in new ecosystems, develop new markets and help shape new technology paradigms.

Meanwhile, I have also worked with many startup ventures, helping to define new brands, develop strategy, build credibility and secure funding.

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“He’s knowledgeable, creative, analytical, structured and a very straightforward person to do business with.“

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What else is on my mind?

I’m working with emerging technology ventures in a number of different countries and I’m obsessed with how these new technologies are going to change consumer behaviour, communications, media, marketing, brands, society and our world in general.

I’m also, more specifically, focused on the introduction of new technologies, technology policy, national tech strategies and their ecosystems in Asia and the Middle East. I currently send out a Asia AI News daily news digest and a Middle East AI News once a week.

I write about technology, communications and marketing when I find the time.

Should we be talking?

Are you thinking about some of these same trends? Or, perhaps, you’d value a fresh look at your venture’s brand and go-to-market strategy? Or have a project that we might be able to collaborate on? Please do get in touch to discuss, swap notes and see if there are any opportunities we can help each other with.